Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trust is....

Trust is first and foremost to be built in any relationship. It should not be given with disregard for boundaries of self or other. The other may not want to hear your dirty laundry or how you really feel today. I haven't always understood this, as I had thought that the Church was a place where people were commanded to love you. That meant that I could be free and close to all. How much of a child I was!

Trust is the food that feeds the relationship. Someone who has shown over time their commitment to you and your value, is someone that is dependable. These friends will not use or abuse you. Communication can be open and honest and love can begin to grow.

Trust continues to grow as more is shared about one's life and the relationship deepens. Love continues also to deepen.

If trust is broken there has to be an avenue for trust to be re-gained. But, sometimes trust cannot be given, as the other is not dependable, respectful, or desirous of a mutuality in relationship.

I find that relationships that are built on a deep trust that is built over time are relationships that are a special blessing and a rare find. For those who have the blessing of having a relationship such as this, tell that person(s) today what they mean to you. And be thankful!

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