Friday, January 9, 2009

Law and Order and the Purpose of the Modern State

It is so disturbing that Hamas is continuing to fire rockets at Israel. They are not a recognized state, and have caused much damage to Israeli/Palestinian relations.

Modern states maintain laws, which structure their governments and are markers of "order". This is a necessary structure-setting, as otherwise, there is not accountability and chaos happens. Hamas is not accountable to a state, as a state has not been granted to Palestine. Whether one agrees or not that this is unjust, the way in which Hamas is rectifying the situation is further breeding hostility, mistrust and hinders the cause of peace negotiations. This is where an international (transnational?) organization is necessary to bring order, but how does order look, when Palestine does not have any rights under law (as they are not a "state")?

I have come a long way in my thinking. Law is necessary for order, structure, which breeds an environment of flourishing for mankind. I am so thankful to leave in a free state!

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