Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rule of Law, Positive or Negative?

Is the law to be a positive "force" that makes demands upon our behavior? Or is the law to limit behavior because of necessity?

I believe that limited government unlines the negative view, as I believe in "self-governance", where the individual is able to choose his own life within the confines of our diverse culture.

Today's government seems to deem it necessary to "demand"...more taxes, more subsidies, more public healthcare, more "public good". These demands limit the volitional. We become enslabed to government demands.

Some believe that this form of government is upholding "moral order" as it "takes care" of the poor, and disabled. But, does it? Aren't those in power still living as they always have, while demanding a limitation, even a "sacrifice" on the average person'a part? This is immoral, if you ask me!

I think it undermines civil liberites to make demand. And civil liberites are what is garuanteed in our Constitutional government.

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