Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Obama has taken to the road again today to take his healthcare plan to the nation. While it is admirable to inform the American people, he seems evasive in some of the details of his "program". Why is he being evasive, when he seems to be so passionately commited to this proposal? Why are we being "pushed", and Congress, as well to pass this huge "project" without haveing all the information? Anyone would think this is unwise.

Healthcare is a major source of our nation's competitive and "leading edge" in the world. Why? Because we can give the best healthcare because of the competition of doctor's and scientist's salaries. We believe that if someone works longer to go to school, works harder at his job, deserves more "reward" in monetary gain. This is what has 'fed" those who have gone into medicine. That is not to say there are many, even most, that go into medicine to serve their fellow man. But, with the costs of medical school, not just financially, but socially, and emotionally, one would find it hard to justify the government "fixing salaries" for the "common good".

It is supposed that when the elderly or "end of life" issues face the doctor, then there will be "support" to face the "reality of death". While support is definately needed to face the "end of life", will the doctor be faced with the stark reality of what is of "costs benefit". Won't this end up being the case? Life will be valued for its economy!

And yet, those who uphold the 'common good" say that "all people of the world" deserve quality of life, because "Evil American Imperialism" has preyed upon those less fortunate countries, because of corporate greed!

While America is not immune to "abuse of power", is it going to "fix" things worldwide to make all of humanity a commodity of "nature"? This is the result of globalism with evolutionary theory attached.

I don't know about you, but I fear for our future, while those in powerful positions "play" out the theories of Marx and Darwin, et al. Surely, there is a better way. But I just don't know what that is.

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