Monday, July 6, 2009

What in the World?

This morning it was reported that there is a crackdown in China against the Muslims. Riots were shown on TV. Yesterday, in Church it was reported that an island off the coast of India is persecuting the Christian population, which is 1%. Just recently, Korea shot missiles to show the world their power. What in the world is happening?

I think that the nationalizing of our healthcare is a power grab as well. Some of our companies cease to be privately owned and the government has gotten involved in mortagages for the poor.
A.C.O.R.N. is not being investigates, as John Connally, head of the Judiacary Committee reports that he was stopped. BY WHO AND WHY? Americorps and World Vision has been caught in power grabs. There seems to be no end to the way that power is exerting itself against the "common person". Privitization is being dismissed as selfishness. But, is it?

One of our Founders warned that when government starts stealing, undermining or federalizing the Treasury, then we will become slaves! Is this to be our future?

It seems that since many in the American population have been squeezed because of the recent economic downturn. Those who have lived off credit, live in expensive areas, or lived for money and power are dismayed. Some have given up hope altogether and committed in ultimate hopeless act of taking their own life.

Is such hopelessness causing us to feel helpless, so that we will not care anymore about our government and what the Founders set in motion to protect private property? Liberty of conscience, the private and the publice, the Church and State were set at "odds" to one another for a reason. It was the allowance of individual freedoms and rights. Today we hear of 'public interests", the "public or common good". Where are private interests? Where are human rights?

The ethical can never dissolve the individual without undermining liberty altogether. Is the government "stealing our lives", so that we become enslaved to government's power to "help". We have no other resource. We will be a people of entitled dependence!

I am truly disturbed. I am grateful for a few brave voices that hold government accountable. But, we should all be doing whatever we can to prevent government's corruption throught absolutizing government power.

I am afraid that when the American people suffer, they are too caught up with their own personal pain to be concerned about the real public interest and public good.

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