Saturday, July 11, 2009

The God Beyond...

In Old Testament Hebrew literature, God was/is a mystery. His name was so holy or beyond our ability to percieve, that one was not to pronounce His Name. God dwelled behind the "holy of Holies", where the high priest was only able to enter once a year to present atonement for "all the people's sins".

Religion has absolutized their explainations, as we can only speak about God in a metaphor. And in abslutizing the mystery, we have limited the diverse ways in which the explaination can be made, as reason is what we use to explain this world.

Science, on the other hand, does not listen to, acknowledge or think highly of the transcendent because it cannot be studied, taken apart, dissolved into "facts" and applied technocratically to life. Science hinders and limits by defining, as if there is to be an "end to man's discovering". Science also limits mystery, because of its need to define.

Perhaps, in our world of diversity, humans should re-connect God to mystery. And in connecting God to mystery, we acknowledge that we "do Not know or understand everything". But, as we seek understanding (knowledge's application, in wisdom) then, we are seeking "atonement", or At-One-Ment, where God dwells.

This acknowledgement would keep mankind humble in his shaping of reality and society, and would bring about a stance of open discourse, so that our living in the world could be humane.

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