Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Son's Challenge

These days leave me a little sentimental and on the verge of tears. Why? Oh, the physical changes that come with life hopefully will end, but, will my love and longing for the children of my past?

Our family has had some very hard bumps. And these as well as our yearly family vacations and vaious common experiences have made memories that will never leave us.

Our youngest son is soon leaving to join the Army. He delayed his entrance because of our other son's wedding. So, I have crammed many memories into a few short months (as usual). And I think I have responded by "shutting down". I tend to do this when I am emotionally overwhelmed.

The other day my son challenged my "shutting down". He said that I had "escaped" the family by the time spent on the computor. I think he is right.

So, his challenge has been "taken up" and I have not spent as much time on the computor. Fortunately, it has not been hard, because I care about him more than I do the computor. And that is most important in these last days that he is here with us.

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