Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Real World of Hope

The real world is the poltical, as we are material and historical beings. 'We live and move in our social contexts, which the political reality creates. It is cruel to tell those who have no voice in their government that things will work out "for good". Or, worse, that God is doing something for character development!

American government is created by the voices that inspire "hope". These are political leaders that make life in free society an environment where the individual can create his own destiny. This is a hope for development, as it does not limit by caste system, or pre-determination. Our government allows for free choice.

Free choice is a value of American society because we believe that ethical complexities disallow "one size fits all", except for the laws that protect these values.

I have fear that our government's very foundations are being undermined by those that think they are the "shapers" (formers) of another. These do not value independent thinking, behavior or questions, because they do not really believe in liberty. They believe that their responsibility is to create the "proper environment" for another. They do not believe that an individual can determine, and choose for himself. They know best. These forms of governing are aristocratic and the attitude is controlling. Information is only given to create of control another's opinion and thinking.

Aristocrats believe that they have special priviledge and entitlement in thier positions of authority. The people are to be "useful" for their purposes of governing. Patronage was a servile mentality and stance toward another. Americans believe that "all men are created equal", therefore, we determined that slavery was immoral and our government was a limited one.

A limited government is necessary in upholding the values of human equality, as it does not impose itself upon individual liberties. Americans all have a voice in their government, if they care to. If we cease to care for and protect these liberties, then we are doomed to fall into hands that create our realities for us. And these realities are not free ones.

I think the Real World of Hope is a world that is a free one.


Anonymous said...

Please find a unique Understanding of politics and culture via these related references.

Plus two related references from the same book which give a very sobering assessment of the state of the world in 2009--and how we got to here.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

The proposal that one is to transcend "ego" means that one enters a "World Soul". This diminishes "self" identity, individuality and human rights, itself.

It is only when the individual is free to "be in the world" as a separate entity that human rights is affirmed. Otherwise, people in slavery Have used this type of "transcending their situatons", But this is not the ultimate in seeking after justice or doing justly.

Doing justly, means that one treats another with regard to their person as a separate being with their own desires, needs and vision.

Seeking justice, is affimring another or oneself in negotiation of a contract, or a trial, in the case of criminal or unethical behavior.

Both, doing justly and seeking justice is mandantory for a civil society and for human flourishing. Human flourishing only happens when one is allowed to develop within a environment that supports individual freedoms. Otherwise, life is not allowed difference. And each individual is different from another.

Spirituality can hinder, as well as further ethcial behavior, but mnay times, it justifies abuse of one kind or another. I believe this is because the religous think that they have some sort of "inroad" or superior way of doing things that others do not understand. This is a dangerous place to be, as it is delusional.

From what I have read, your spirituality leaves you open to human rights abuses, because you will be transcending "this world" for another.

The secular is only defined in regards to the sacred. I believe that there is nothing "secular". It is only the way we see or use the "secular'. All of truth, and life itself is game for usefulness, whether one believes in God or not. The glitch is getting people to agree to what the usefulness is for or how things are to be used and negotiation is part of that process.