Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Troubling Questions and the CIA

The CIA protects American interests in bringing information to our governmant. These government employees do their work under risk of their lives. They do their work for the sake of our countrie's continued freedoms. Some have questions about which is of higher value; American security or human rights.

The CIA has used various means to obtain certain ends and have been sucessful in many cases. But, the question of how they have gone about their interrogation has caused some consternation over abuses of human rights. But, what of those who are not forthcoming with information that would undermine our freedom and cause great harm worldwide? What is the basis of discerning "justice", when certain individuals are dangerous for justice at large?

Suspected criminals have been given their 'miranda rights". We are a nation that believes that one is innocent until proven guilty. But, how are undercover operatives to be "found out", if not with another 'undercover operative"? The disadvantage to the CIA in getting information from those who do not value human life is troubling. Terrorists can go free, because the CIA is bound by "human rights". How is the CIA going to do their job? Will it require them to get more 'evidence' of criminal behavior? And how are they going to do this with the terrorists?

The Modern Age was an age of Reason. We based our determinations of "law and justice" on the Constitution, which was to protect our citizens. Today's post-modern and the multi-cultural "melieu" has muddied the waters and bred many questions regarding nation-states and their very existence.

Now, after determining that there was nothing further to "investigate", and that we would let "bygones be bygones", we are re-considering investigating these charges. I thought that once a determination was made "under law" then one could not be tried again. Can a person be re-tried for a trial already determined?

The Democrats are crying that we are a nation "defined by laws". I quake to think what lawyers will do to justice, if they want to...Lawyers have ways to manevuer around "common sense".

What will happen to those who would want to commit their lives to the CIA? Will they desire to commit to the government with no guarantee of governement protection? What will happen to those that are presently in the CIA? Will they look elsewhere for jobs and will those that stay be so cautious that they will become insignificant to our national security? Will the protection of American citizens and the values of liberty be dismissed because of the value of life over liberty?

These are the questions that face the 'think tanks", politicians, and the American people.

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