Friday, September 18, 2009

Religion's Anesthesia

Religion creates a false reality.

Religion touts answers when the questions are too deep.
If seek them, you are not "filled with faith",

Religion hinders development because of false security.
God controls all of life, so there is no need to learn, grow, or become. You are only to "believe" and, therefore, "do".

Religion thinks it knows the absolute, when relatives are "the human".
God is the absolute for religion, and human are relatively insignificant.

Religion is the "comfort zone" for the religious, who define for everyone else, what life means, how it is to be lived, and who it is to be lived for.
These are "one size fits all" definitions.

The Religious believe that their view is the only view and their reality is the only reality.
And Yet,

Religion believes in a reality that does not exist except in one's mind. Religion is anesthesia to life.
And some call this "Real" hope!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Australia.

Please find a unique critique of what is usually called religion via this page and website.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

As you see, we disagree as to what is important.

Religion believes God is important, as an experience, while I think that the/a human is more important.