Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Men Use and Abuse

Men use God to further their own purposes. Men justify themselves by "God's will". Men use others "in the name of God" and say it is for "God's Kingdom". Slavery for God's purposes means God is a slave-holder.

God is therefore, not good, because he priviledges the few at the expense of others. God is not love, because he disregards other voices. He only hears the "right" voice.

Which "voice", you ask? Asking means there is hope that you will hear. Questions are the only "hope" for the world.

Don't cry because God doesn't hear. God has no ears.

Is God worthy? Or is he like the worst nightmare and one's worst enemy?

Oh, but you say that he has set himself against the arrogant and that it is only for discipline that one is suffering. And you are convinced that God will return to the arrogant, though they forsook him, once the arrogant repent. Isn't this giving the same advice as Job's comforters? They had all the answers, because they knew the mind of God. And they understood perfectly well, Job's "problem".

But the problem was really theirs.

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