Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lawyers, Doctors and "Indian Chiefs"

Law defines our American society. Lawyers are powerful people. They create our society by legislation and vision. Lawyers hold the reigns in Congress and many other politically powerful positions.

Lawyers are those that hold others accountable. They bring to trial those that would take advantage or disadvantage another. Doctors find themselves under their power many times when they have acted irresponsibly.

"Indian Chiefs" are those who are promoted by their tribal power. These are identified by their localized "power". Their "power" is still upheld by laws that define their local governments.

The Pharisees in Jesus day had the power of the "Indian Chief". They were allowed the "freedom of religion", but were not as powerful as the leaders of the Rome or the Framers of our Constitution. The "free exercise" of religion was allowed in the Roman Empire, as the Empire found it useful to "use" the religious. The Framers also found religion to be useful, but not pivotal in forming a "more perfect union".

The "Indian Chiefs" formed their apologies for "God" based upon their tribal localities. These were the "communitarians" of our modern nation state.

The Christian "Gospel" was grounded in the "servile mentality" of "second class" citizens. These were the underclasses of society. In the developing tradition, "Paul" created a transcendental reality, where Christians were encouraged to view the material, political and social realms as "suspect". Christians were to "seek after a spiritual or transcentdental "home" or spiritual "salvation" to find their "peace". A separation of reality into the spiritual and the physical began to form.

This has created the basis of our terms, "Sacred and Secular". There is no "secular", unless there is a sacred (as the secular is only understood in the context of a/the sacred). And the sacred is how the "Indian Chiefs" or Pharisees judge "righteousness". Those in Rome, though, are satisfied to get the "Indian Chiefs" to be useful to society's functioning "smoothly".

Paul used his citzenship "rights". But, the "spiritualized" believe that appealing to "worldly" power is not "trusting God". This is absurd and leads to abuse of power.

I have been told "It is not what happens to you, but your response to it that matters". While I agree that obstacles should be challenges to the things we desire to accomplish, some view this as a "pass" on ethical behavior. Ethics should guide and guard the Lawyers amongst us, so that the Doctors and Indian Chiefs can live in Freedom. Freedom from the regulations, technicalities and obscenties of the "law" that seeks to circumvent the true intent of the law, in the first place.

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