Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paul (as well as, Jesus) As a Useful "Tool" of 'Tradition".

I have not read a lot of N.T. Wright, but I am pre-supposing that he understands Paul's use of "law" as a formation of society. It is now speculated, in some circles, that "Paul" was not a historical figure, but a "form of moral modelling" and forming the "world" according to his "tradition".

The Christian tradition is the context of "Paul's" mission. And his life exemplified Jesus' life "for all people". But, his life is not the epitome of Truth, but is "true". His "life" was for the proptiation of society's values and order.

So, while tradition forms society around the values most important, let's remember that tradition is not to be absolutized in individual cases. Otherwise, one may limit another's life and choice, and value, in and of itself, which is where Luther's "law and gospel" comes to the "rescue".

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