Thursday, January 15, 2009

Politics and Evangelicalism

This morning while listening to NPR, an evangelical woman was interviewed. I was embarassed. Besides, using "spiritual terminology", she was ill-informed and the things she was informed about were stated in a way that was oblivious to "another side". It was black and white thinking and it does nothing toward representing what is sensible. Theological jargon is unecessary, it does nothing to "enhance" the Christian image in the public square, I really wondered if this interview was aired to "reveal" what evangelicals are really about. Which is faith without reason!!! I am embarassed and think just until the past several years, I have also been ill-informed as to the world's affairs. Does becoming a "world citizen" mean that one enters the human race and then starts caring beyond our locally defined religious communities? I'm talking about in our thinking. Theology unless connected to the real world, means nothing to anyone other than those that have you specific bias. You might as well speak in a foreign language! I am hoping on doing some "catching up"!!

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