Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There Is Something Wrong

Many are outraged about the new legislation about licensing guns, which many conservatives feel is an intrusion of Big Government into their lives. The same is true for States and their legislation of home-school oversight.

What is the liberal agenda? For the conservative, freedom is formost, as without it we are left at the mercy of a beaureaucratic organization which is neither effiecient or frugal. While freedom is an important value, the liberal considers our responsibility to our neighbor as more important. So, Big Government is to protect those under their "care". While Big Government may make specific cases safer, is it ideologically safe to promote government's intrustion into private life. The values that were taught in the home at the family dinner table and was emphasized in the public square whether through the news media, or the desk of the student under the teacher's tutledge, America was a nation about "family values". The heritage of the family was undermined in the minds of some throught women going to work, or the dissolving of community involvment and a sense of that community.

Freedom cannot be above duty, or responsibility, as we are not only individuals, but a nation-state, which calls for service and duty to country, as well as to our individual families. We are not free to do whatever we want, whenever we want, but we are freer than any other country and this is what we should focus on...Wall Street, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac acted irresponsibly according to conservative standards, as they were either strictly unaccountable in taking from one and giving to another. I don't believe that governments are "fair" or can be "fair" in their re-distribution of wealth.

I am not speaking from a position of wealth from American standards, but according to the world's standards, I am very wealthy. How does one family view themselves as charitable? Or is it that a program will take the place of individual conscience? Moral authority used to reside within our conscience, but now, we seem to have no conscience. Obama's call for responsibility and accountability are noble "calls". Are they to be mandated generally or specifically, if it is mandated, then how is accountability to be gauged. Is there to be another governmental department?

Home-schooling has been resolved through allowing States to mandate how accountable the parent are to be to the State. While some states are home-school states, that allow parents freedom, other states demand the parents to submit for approval their academic program. Homeschool parents, who value freedom at the costs of accountability, do not agree to State interference, while other parent happily submit to the standards of education for their children.

I do believe that lincensing hand-guns is a good thing, but consevatives worry that it undermines a Constituional right. as far as homeschooling, I believe that the State should evaluate what is being taught and how, as it does hold parent accountable, which is not intrusion, It is just common sense that educators know their discipline better than parents. So, I would agree with State licensing..We have a lot to "see" in the future, as to how responsibility and accountability will work out....Are our leaders to be as accountable and responsible as the people. We will have to wait and see....

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