Thursday, January 1, 2009

All Want Respect and Sovereign Rights

This morning I was listening to a news broadcast about Iran's desire to be respected and have sovereignty over their national interests. All people and nations want this respect, at least, if they have had the opportunity to experience it.

I find it hard to resolve the problems of diversity, when globalization calls so loudly for unity. How do we resolve the differences across cultural values, differences, convictions, and commitments? One thing for sure any ideological commitment that is exclusivist in its claims is a dangerous mix in the global climate.

But, how do we protect national interests and security? These issues cannot be ignored when terrorists undermine our sense of security and peace. Security is secured by the "rule of law" and an understanding and respect for another's right to exist. But, countries that support or encourage terrorists activity, either by commission or omission, cannot be ignored either. I don't know the answer. But, I am concerned about my own country's security and peace. The values that our country upholds are ones that many have lived and died for. I, for one, am committed to see that it succeeds in its endeavors to remain at peace and promote democracy abroad.

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