Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tired of the Littleness

Little minds, which think they know everything, are those whose minds are closed to anything other than what they think. These are not only the uneducated, but the educated that are determined to prove their point. And their point is the only point they see. They cannot get over their own view, their own opinion or their own position.

Little hearts are not open to others in expressing their opinion, nor are they open to new ideas. Their hearts are heardened by their heads, because their truth has blinded their eyes to see anything other than their own frame of reference. Little hearts don't seek understanding, or wisdom, but only want to give out advice and lead. They have hearts of stone that cannot be written upon because they have closed minds, which has hindered the oil from keeping their heart from hardening.

It is not in having strong opinions, or in being convinced or having strong convictions, or even in expressing an opinion, even expressing with intensity, but in allowing others to have a differenc of opinion, another way of seeing and doing and being in the world that is important. Otherwise, there only needs to be one person in the world and it is the person whose mind is closed and heart is hardened....

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Anonymous said...

You would love attending the TED conference :-)