Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Geert Wilder's on T.V. Tonight

Geert Wilder was on T.V. tonight talking about his concern for the Dutch culture, because of the prominence of Muslims. This is of concern also for my husband as he was born and raised in the Netherlands. His family still resides there, where his brother-in-law has some of the same concerns. Wilders said he had nothing against the Muslims themselves, but he had tried to expose some of the Koran's message, which should alarm most Westerners. A radical message against our culture.

Now he is being charged with intolerance, in one of the most tolerant nations in the EU. While he is being charged, the Muslims have posters of Wilders with guns pointed at his head, yet, they are never held accountable. Why?

Why is the U.N. allowing Muslim nations to practice their "honor killings", when the U.N. is to
protect human rights? Is culture more important than human life?

I am beginning to think that this is not a war to win by creating a Christian culture, but in standing for human rights, which means the right of the individual in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

American values would be the height of arrogance and subversion of Islam's cultural values, as tradition rules the individual in every detail.

In the last six months, I have gone twice to the Newsmuseum in D.C. where the radio antenae to one of the towers is 'featured" along with actual footage and a minute by minute unfolding of the attack. The four story high wall is filled with newspaper headlines from around the world . We had worldwide sympathy.

What kind of culture can kill in the name of God because a woman is raped or goes out alone, or does not want an arranged marriage? What kind of culture creates suicide bombers, who give their life willingly for God? What kind of culture lies to the Infidels, as these do not deserve respect or dignity? What kind of culture would mutilate the female genitals and sew it shut, so that it can be known if there is inappropriate behavior? And then, in marriage, there is no pleasure, but pain in the marital bed?

America and the Western world need to understand that our culture, which allows tolerance, is hard pressed to deny even those who would seek to undermine our 'way of life". How do we hold to our values, and yet, protect ourselves? I don't know, and I'm concerned, as what is in store for our future.

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