Saturday, January 24, 2009

Legislation of Beauty

Many religious think that law will bring about the best, and the right, as it defines "right" and "wrong". I have no qualms about law defining right and wrong, but I do think that those who believe in Law should also understand what the purpose of the Law is, to maintain order and structure of a nation, and society at large and to protect the property of another.

Property rights are an important value to protect as it maintains distinction and affirms the value of difference. It also allows freedom of choice in how one deems to use the property, which is a higher moral order than a tribal commonwealth mentality.

While order and structure is important, how is beauty understood as just as important? And, yet, beauty does not have any value other than for itself alone. It has no meaning other than what is given to it by those who view it. It has no meaning other than to "entertain" (?). Is beauty's value diminished because it has no value, as in monetary or meaning making? This is the demise of the Western world and it is the demise of the materialist.

Beauty has value because it points beyond itself to something other. But, beauty's value is in the eyes of the beholder.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to look at the value of the individual as a creation of beauty that should be valued for thier own sake and not for a purpose or value of God...Then, self-expression of the individual would be allowed to flourish and the individual would be free to give of themselves oto the creation of beauty...

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