Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Lordship", Discipleship, and Faith

Christians have defined their faith in many ways, and the implications upon their lives was the result. "Worldviews" within Christendom have attached to them certain expectations, and understandings of itself and those who are intiated by the indoctrination of these traditions within the Christian Church understand the mores, customs and traditions that are implied. These are absolutized views of faith based on Scripture. Those who are not and are not submissive nor teachable are doomed to suffer consequences, as their views are absolute, but do not allow diversity in viewpoint.

I just read where a certain "Name" of an evangelical/fundamentalist leader of "lordship" teaching was based on a nominalistic faith without true discipleship. I disagree, as not only have I read his book (many years ago), have family who attended his seminary, and a friend's whose mother's church was split over the "lordship" teaching...but I think that any faith has an understanding of itself and a resulting expected behavioral "standard"...

The problem with any "lordship" theology is who determines what behavior and by what standard is a life measured? The Pharisees, during Jesus day, had certain purity standards that were specified, so that the behavior could be judged. Jesus, acted in an unconventional way according to their standards. Jesus morality was outside their box and this was the way that his life has led to a higher development of understanding morality. But, his life is not the only moral model.

Lordship can be viewed by many different standards, such as one's dress, custom, behavior, beliefs about ethical views, laws, etc....conformity is the name of the game for those within these types of environments. Questions are not appreciated, in fact, may be the very behavior that subjects one to shunning, criticism or rebuke. Authority's power is mandated by the leadership and judged as the necessary stated or implied behavior...this is the standard within the sect.
Most conservatives work within a conventional frame of reference, whether the authority comes from a written texts, or annointed leaders who speak, and judge for the people, even outside their borders. This attitude breeds prejuidice and unenlightened view, and limits the young in their intellectual development and interests. Some things are just not allowed as vocations within these traditions.

Our democracy allows freedom of speech, which allows questions, discovery, and journeying toward a larger view, a greater good, a more enlarged way of thinking than local and provincial ways of thinking and behaving. The world is too complex to describe in one demension. In our physical reality, we can only take in three demensions whereas, there are many more demensions that we can't "see". but are only understood by higher mathmatics...The order and structure of the world is a mystery which lives beyond reason, and yet is reasonable...Lordship theology and thinking describes faith and discipleship in only a certain way and by a certain standard and moral model...

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