Thursday, January 22, 2009

Money and Power Rule the World, Is That Good?

I just heard a story on NPR this morning about an investor who heard about the plight of some of the war veterans and felt compelled to lend a helping hand. These are veterans, both young and old, who have disabilities, or other problems that put undue stress on their families and prevent them from living a full and flourishing life.

This brought to mind several things that I think is important. One, is that it is a beautiful thing to see others be moved to give of their sustenance to a good cause. This is such a blessing and such an admirable thing...Charity and charitable service....

The second thing that stood out to me was how many more veterans lives were touched because of this man's response to at story. He had come to understand not only the veterans needs, but that the needs were being met in such a disorganized way. He set up a web-site and people have responded. Otherwise, it was left to small communities to meet these needs on a one on one basis. So, his gifts of organization, have served not only his own interests but also the interest of others. This is commendable.

I think that it is a great country where generous people give to others because of the freedom our county allows in the free market as well. This was an encouraging story as to the wealth in this nation, being used for other purposes than just making money for oneself. We are blessed.

Power is instilled in those who hold money and position. It becomes a precarious position when one person holds much money and total power or control. I don't believe that without accountability is this power and money "useful", but can be damning, as it can be tempting mis-use these gifts to their own advantage. Community, Society, and Family are the communities that keep things in order and keep the individual within the bounds of reason, when it comes to choices and decisions.

There is wisdom in many counselors.

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