Friday, January 23, 2009

Open Government and A New Era for America

There is something stirring within me, that I cannot quite put my finger on, except to say, that it resembles anticipation. Could it be HOPE?

This morning upon hearing that Obama wanted a more open government, by giving the Freedom of Information Act more power, unless there is real reason to with-hold information. This move is most important to the press in getting information and informing the public, which holds the government accountable! I couldn't be happier! This is great news!

While Obama, as well as Hillary, want to work toward more diplomatic ways to peace. This new commitment to transparency can help further that interest, by making information known to the world about our policies and our intentions.

We are a great nation, that has much responsibility towards others, as stewards. We should be about re-rhinking how our country should "work" and how our vision should be cast. I think that we are on a different and hopeful track. Don't you?

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