Thursday, January 8, 2009


This morning I have been thinking along several different lines, and I hope, as I write this, that it will come together in some coherent whole.

The first thought on my mind this morning was how blessed I am. I was and am thankful.

The second thought came this morning after reading about Gaza, an editorial and a letter to the editor in our morning paper. It seems that agreement will be made between Egypt, France and the U.S. as to border control, to disrupt the smuggling of arms to Hamas. The editorial was commending a letter that was written to the editor. In this letter and the editorial it was contrasting the priorities of meeting a child's request for "a blanket" and some other necessary essentials. But, it suggested that Americans have skewed priorities, as we spend so much on our national security, in light of this child's request. I find it such short-sightedness that one can suggest that the child's need will even be met without freedom. Freedom is of necessity in having a choice, which is mandantory in meeting any request or other need! I am sure the writer and editorial meant well, as this was a valid need and concern for the "little amongst us", but I find it simplistic and simple minded to think that a child's need comes before a properly ordered government!!! This is why much humanitarian aid does not get distributed, so I think it is an absurdity to say that Americans should dissolve their miltary and use the money for humanitarian aid!!!

So, if I had the choice, I would work on/in government, rather than in humanitarian aid!


Allan R. Bevere said...


Good thoughts here.

Too many people confuse macro-economics with micro-economics. The population of Gaza will not flourish until they have an ordered and civilized society administered by civilized individuals.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

Thank you for reading and responding....

Although it is true that Gaza needs "civilizing", it behooves all of us to recognize that many do not want civilizing! And when minds are not open to information that is challenging, then we will not be educated, because we choose bias, prejuidice, etc....this is unfortunately, an impasse.
I have people who I know will not change their views, no matter the evidence, nor the consequences. They will only theologize the consequences, as just deserts, or "training in righteousness", etc....some actually believe that their understanding and way of interpreting "end times" is literally true, and thus the evidence is put within their frameworks, and they dismiss what they cannot "fit" what do you do for those who are so fundamentalistically oriented?
I was a fundamentalist, but did not have a mind-set that could not be educated...I believe that there are some minds that will not be changed, and if one tries to do so, they are calling for "death" socially, physically, pscyhologically, etc....they have an absolutist personality, some have mental disorders, but some, such as Hirshi Aryan Ali, who grew up as a Muslim. She describes how it was to challenge her mind-set, even after being educated in the Netherlands. It is like is cultish conditioning that becomes a part of one's identity....