Friday, January 23, 2009

Faith and Truth

Some think that truth resides outside of their understanding or interpretation. Their understanding is in propositions that correspond to the real world. Their is an easy faith to judge, as theirs is written in black and white or on tablets of stone.

Some think that truth is not so much what is written outside of oneself, but what one conceptualizes as real through their faith in reason and experience. They formulate their own way of understanding faith and truth and the mix can be in many forms.

Others don't think there is any real truth to have faith in, as their faith is understood as life itself. Faith to these is not defined in written form, or conceptualizations, but in the heart of humanity. All of humans in their experience of life given and gifted by God is a journey of expression, which is the unique manifestation of God's image within. We just don't have the eyes to see. And many have not been developed to self=expression.

So, which faith do you relate to...? A faith that is primarily written in sources and understood in absolute form?
Or, is your faith a struggle to understand and conceptualize how you understand life, experience, meaning, God and humanity. And one's responsibility in it all?
Or, is your faith about life itself? Is faith an artistic expression of your very self in giving back to God what he has gifted within?

One faith can be gauged, judged and taught. Another faith is a journey of learning and struggle, while the last is a life of restful expression and acceptance of life, self, other and God...


Anonymous said...

Religion vs. Spirit... Faith in one's strengths vs. faith in the strength of Another; as a child has faith in the parent. A leader as servant. Dying daily. Leaning not to one's own understanding. Mystery as way of life.

nice blog!

Angie Van De Merwe said...

NO< NO< a thousand times NO!!! Irrationality is NEVER the way to live one's life! One always should have reasons that support what they do. Otherwise, one is submitting to another's whim or fancy, without even thinking. Perhaps, people do this to support themselves, or out of desperation to belong to something....but the individual must choose his own way looking at the facts and reasoning about the questions and comeing to conclusions that make for evaluatons and choices. In free societies, the individual is to be free to choose his own values and make his commitments without coercion.