Sunday, January 18, 2009

Misconceptions Based on Mispreceptions

Today we dedicated our grandson, Drayton, in Church. As a celebration, my husband, I and family went to a local resturant.

After having lunch, we all departed to meet back up at our house. I entered the parking lot, which was filled with ice. My oldest son approached me with his hand outstretched. I started to back away, as I identified this gesture as one of mischief. He continued to approach me rapidly and when I grimaced, he looked at me with surprise, as he was only trying to help me across the parking lot. I, on the other hand, had thought that he had a "snowball in tow" to throw at me...When we got in the car, he questioned my response, and I told him that he and his brother always found seaweed at the beach to "scare" Mom", I had projected that image onto his helpfulness. We laughed in the car, reminiscing about our times at the beach and their mischevious ways...I'm glad I misprecieved his intent, as it led to a delightful memory of "family"...

This so often happens in relationships, as we precieve what we have experienced, so often and project it onto our present experience. We must take care to take care of our past, so that our past does not continue to affect our present and influence our future.

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