Monday, January 26, 2009

Responsibility, Respect, and Success

America measures performance, because America values results, goals, and productivity. The question should be, is America's values of production the best value? And according to whom and what? If these values are what is considered right and good, then who is setting the agenda, goal or result that measures the performance? America's value of work has been understood as the "protestant work ethic" and most Americans do not question this value, but assume it's value to our "common good".

People who value hierarchal leadership models, value submission, because then their goals can be attained in the name of training those who follow and perform their "duties". This model uses the other to benefit the organization, themselves, or both. I don't value those who think this way about themselves, as success should be measured by the muturality of the institutions and individual's attainment of their own goals. Of course, Americans can have the "luxury" of choosing their community, or job, because, we for the most part, are free to do so, as our country protects these values.

American "success" has been based on a capitalistic economic system that desires the most for the least, which some would understand as "good stewardship", but can be nothing other than a inverted greed, not just of money but of another's labor, efforts and life. I find that leaders in positions of power many times use their power to benefit their own interests, even when it devalues another's life and choices. Congress does this all the time in salary increases, while legislating or defending their constieunites. These are the "pork barrel" increases of the elite's power. It is their agenda that moves and shakes the nature of our country's history or institution's future.

I don't believe that others should determine futures but allow an open culture for change, choice and negotiation...whenever those in power rule through power by maintaining how and what is expected for their underlings to attain a "voice", without giving a "voice" to the "vision", there has already been an abuse of power because basically, it is not a free choice, but choices pre-determined...

Pre-determining another's future without fair open disclosure is not based on understanding any variable of opinion, value or position toward these goals, which only looks at and judges the specific behavior. No one would or should expect there to be a submission to abusive, or controlling leaders, whether spouses, supervisors, or governments. In our free society, we have the priviledge of leaving, questioning, and preventing further abuses of power.

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