Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Hope for America's Giving and Sacrifice

There has been much said about giving to the poor, and all of us sacrificing, as the economy is in dire straits. I have nothing against giving to the poor, but I do have much that I am in opposition to when it comes to others deciding where I or another should sacrifice. Obama' s call for all of us to sacrifice for the nation, is no less what other Presidents have called for when our nation has needed to defend itself in the time of war, or other times of economic challenges. This I have no problem with, but I do have a problem with plans that are made for the "greater good" which designates someone as the scapegoat, no matter what the cause, as I believe the principle is wrong. No one should be used for any purpose without their full knowledge and full consent. It is unethical, not to mention, unfair.

When we speak today of fairness, many have the idea of equal distribution, which I think is not a healthy or proper way of viewing life. Why? Because we all cannot hold the same office, or have the same things, or be the same person as someone else. But, it is equal opportunity that is an important value to be upheld, as all of us need a "helping hand" at times. It is when there is an attempt to determine what another's position, mission, purpose, focus, values, lifestyle, etc. should be that becomes problematic and dangerous in our free society! All of us are valued in America, at least these are our country's principles, and "ideals". And as a result, we should be and are, for the most part, gracious people to others, in spreading democracy in whatever way we can.

I think that although we have many challenges ahead of us, as a nation, I believe that our country's foundations of freedom are too ingrained for our nation to collapse. Others would disagree with me, as they fear that our values have left the "Moral Majority" and its cause(s). No, I believe that even the recent activism of atheists are because of public concern. ( I just got a message from CFI about perplexed parents desiring to train their children in a pluralistic society. I find this is a noble cause, as it brings reason to the table when discussing religion. And reason is not religion's strength!).

My hope for America and her future, is the same as any American's, "freedom and justice for all, with a continued and renewed hope for our future."....and I think Kennedy's call to all of us"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.".... This is a worthy and noble cause that all of us, as Americans, should value....

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