Thursday, January 15, 2009

Politics, Fairness, and Representation

Politics is the domain of campaigning for power. Politics disregards the other side's interest as they are out to win. The Campaign and the partisanship is what we have come to expect in any political campaign. But, what are the results in our democratic form of government?

Politicians should be people of character, who represent others fairly, as ours is a representative government. Representation is necessary for the free to remain free, as each group has a right to exist and to be free in their understanding and practice of their particular life choices.

Fairness was brought home to me in answering a person's question on my blog site. He was questioning an application of my "ideals". As I answered him I used several terms that he furthur wanted information about where I stood. In responding more speicifically and conclusively, I realized and recgnized certain priorities for the politician that is important.

The politician must answer questions, with his opinion and then give reasons why he finds this position most reasonable. While his position can be stated forthrightly, it only furthers his cause to be informed of the other side, and/or how another application that would "speak" to the particular person would enlighten and enlarge the questioner, while underlining why he believes what he does.

I really enjoy the debate, I guess, as I answer the question, considering the sides and weighing my own convictions, again. I have changed my opinion about some things in my lifetime, as we all have.

So, in thinking about politics tonight, I became convinced that the politician should be a person of conviction, while being educated, open-minded, and fair. I wish I could say that all politicians behaved this way, but that is why we have the campaign and free the voters are the ones who hold the reigns of power first.

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