Friday, January 30, 2009

The Absurdity of Belief

Some believe that God is in control of history and that history is a revelation of God's kingdom on earth. This cannot be true, as it is not provable. It is only belief. For instance, it is absurdity of the worst kind to think that "God uses" the Holocost....this is simply unbelievable, and many have become atheist because of it...Why?

Besides a belief in a God that controls history, there has to be a commitment to "bring in that reality in the real world", which is not an idea that prevades all religious traditions, nor is it an understanding of reality according to some scientific understandings. One has to believe that leaders are wise enought to know what the "Kingdom is" and how to plan for the future in regards to "the Kingdom". But, because this is not representative of all traditions, even Christian ones, then, it is presumption towards our government's commitment to represent all traditions.

This does not mean that Christians should have no voice in regards to policy in the public square, but that their voice should be only one among many voices in our public square. Christians have various understandings which should be respected in our free and open government. This is why our government cannot legislate any form of religious tradition. There is a separation of powers that protects the power from being invested in one area of government. Justice would be undermined if the legislative branch were to legalize a belief system. We believe that all people have the right for equal representation under law, which is what Guatanamo is/was about.

Those who theologize to those who are suffering under dominant rulers, and other leaders, who seek to control events through mishandling the "rule of law", are doing God injustice, as well as man. God is scapegoated by the irresponsible, ignorant, disrespectful, arrogant behavior of those who hold power like this.

Power is to be used to serve another. This is what public service is about, but as we have experienced, even within our democracy, power can also be used for self-serving purposes, if there is no accountability and balance to that power. This is abuse of power and it creates the inhumane treatment of others, in the name of some other name, than what it's real name is, Evil. It disregards and claims innocence.

Passivity is not the place for dealing with evil. Evil must be engaged carefully, as it is deceptive, and controlling. Evil does not care about the humane, or the human. All evil wants is to win the control, the power and the very lives of others.

Americans came face to face with evil on 9/11 and have suffered for it ever since. We haven't had an evil that is this subversive, and yet, very prominent, as it is not openly political and nationalistic, as Hitler's Nazism was. It is a culture of religious zeal and intolerance that idealizes one's understanding of God and the afterlife. It is faith without reason, and is not reasonable. It is not open to be engaged in education, as it's views are "right" and "true". And it's indoctrination starts early in life, and controls all aspects of life for those under its rule. It is a complete allegeiance of life, at the costs of life itself.

Christians beware of over-zealous groups, and ideaologies that promise anything in the name of faith alone!

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