Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Believe....

Some believe that one has to submit to circustances at all costs, otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to "learn" from it. There premise is that God controls all events. And theirs is passivity to anything that transpires, as the Greeks understood "fate".

Others believe that we should promote our views at all costs, even to the point of revolution, because it is our right and duty to inform others of what we think is most important.The premise in this view is an absolute "truth" or "value" that cannot be tolerant of diverse viewpoints.

While I think there is much to be discerned concerning one's personal beliefs., how does one understand life and all of its complexities is a caldrum of many things. There is much that needs to be addressed contextually, but there are broad principles that hold "truths" that cannot be compromised without compromises what defines "who you are" and the values you want to commit and hold to...In this sense there is no "god" teaching outside, although you will learn through any experience, and there is not one "truth", as there are many and various ways of understanding life, God and other...

It becomes a matter of personal choice and commitment, which cannot be determined from the outside.

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