Tuesday, January 20, 2009

After Obama's Speech and It's Impact on Us All

Many have snidely remarked that Obama's inaugeration is like the "coming kingdom". They have sneered at his being the "messiah". But, after watching the inaugeration and thinking about my values, opinions, beliefs, ideals, and "heart", I believe that our nation, indeed, is the greatest nation on earth.

I don't mean to sound elitist, as it is exactly the opposite. We are a people! And yet, we are individuals! "I have a dream", can be all of our dreams....and our hope for a better future!

The real world is "made up" of ideals, which represent the values, which make our country GREAT....Our political system is great because we do not believe in an elite form of government, whether through power politics of totaltaliraian regimes, or familial, or caste systems! We value all individuals, as created with inaleinable rights! I love our country, as we all do, for these values, freedoms and rights.

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