Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Have Decided

Christians have a song, 'I Have Decided to Follow Jesus".

I have decided that no one else will determine "me". I used to be submissive, and looking to emulate Christ in his humility, but not anymore. This is my revolution to passive resistance. No one can be loved truely unless they are truely themselves. So, I am not going to conform to a specified "ideal", or "pattern" of another's life. This is my life to be lived fully and freely. I will be, who I will be, and those who care to have a relationship with me will value whatever idiosyncrises they find. That does not mean that I don't value their input in my life, nor will I disregard their counse, nor that I will not, nor cannot change. But, it does mean that I am not going to seek to "be a Christian". I will be human, that is for sure. I will fail, cry, rant and rave. I will succeed, laugh and enjoy my life. I will laugh at myself as I don't have anything to protect. Image is not necessary. Hopefully, this will bless my family with a real person, who tries to love, attempts to mentor, and above all, chooses to accept them as human. This is walking in forgiveness, humility, delight in life's fullness, and a desire to learn and become, and be....who I am....for that is what God created in the first place! How about you?

As Paul said, I am who I am, by the grace of God....

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