Sunday, January 11, 2009

Atheism and Community

Atheism has been viewed as anti-theism, which has meant traditionally, opposition to God. I find that atheism, though, are just supernaturalistic atheist, not anti-humanist! In fact, I think that atheist cease to truly be atheist when they form community. Community is about humans, who are made in God's image. Christians should be atheists, as humans should be the focus of religion, not God.

Conservative Christianity has traditionally dismissed atheists or "prayed" for their salvation and their turn to God. I think that Christians should understand that they worship a human model in Jesus of Nazareth. Christians should understand their history and understand how they came to believe what they believe. Otherwise, those who think they know light really can bring darkness.

Christians have identified themselves as a group in many ways and one of the ways has been to oppose humanism, as a secularization of belief or faith. Humanism has been understood as "secular" because man is fallen and needs to be redeemed to the spiritual realm where true light happens, etc. etc. This understanding is a gnostic faith that believes in a special revelation. There is no special revelation, But, this does not mean that "revelation does not happen in self reflection and personal growth. Personal growth, and self-understanding is about trasformation because it evaluates what one finds most important. No one else can determine that for you. It is a personal commitment of life and choice.

I find that Christian faith is struggling to define itself today when there is real honest evaluation of text, tradition, and revelation.

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