Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knowledgy, Social Construction and Reality

We form our identities from our cultures, which contain the values, mores, and traditions that define our lives. Identities are culturally bound until education enlightens our minds to another reality, which is larger than our previous "world". This is growth and change.

People who are educated are informed to a larger context than specific communities, or specific cultures. Cultures are defined by religious tradition, which are limited ways of understanding. This limitation breeds environments of prejuidice, as it defines right and wrong upon supernaturalistic understandings, which are usually absolute in understanding.

Reason, on the other hand, is necessary for man's understanding of his own values, opinions, and convictions. It is ethical development, not spiritual development that is a necessary focus.

Although reason is absolute as far as the individual's development in critical thinking and evaluation of convictions, reason cannot be absolute in determination of another's reality. Therefore, in organizational structures, there must be a room for each individual to find their place, or to "get out". Leadership is the determining drivers behind organizations. Each organization has a vision or purpose that drives their goals. These goals must be in line with the individual's desires, convictions, and purposes. This is the proper order and structuring of free socieities.

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