Friday, January 9, 2009

Mark Goodacre's blog was entitled, "Interpretation, Revelation as a Critique of Empire" today. It is the age old "tradition" of sectarianism from empire....and power structures. "Revelation" like this is based on supernaturlistic understandings of faith. This had been my view, but I recognize it's naivete'.

Although systems thinking is dangerous, I have to uphold what I view to be more or most important in addressing my values. America's values are one's I uphold, as they protect human rights and freedoms, as a whole. And religious conviction is a limited view when it comes to a "worldview". Where one commits is important in and of itself, as it behooves us to think about the interface of "Chruch and State". These are issues that address many concerns in today's globalized market driven economy. So, those who are affliated with religious institutions need to recognize expediency is a value for the institution's self perservation. All of us have to be concerned about self-preservation, as this is common sense.

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