Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grandchildren Are Truly A Blessing

My grandchildren were with me for the past two and a half days. I'm really not partial as they ARE the cutest grandchildren in the world (and of course I know that, because it is MY opinion. And my opinion is always right :)).

Take, for instance, what my grand-daughter said to me today as I was finishing up putting together her "kitchen", which her uncles had given her for Christmas....She kept saying "Thank you, Oma", looking at me with delight. I was delighted to put it together for her, although it did give me quite a challenge at one point, where I had to take some of it apart and re-do it...(I'm almost blind without glasses:))...I find that her delight only heightened my delight in what I was doing....I am not a kid person, overall, as I am too serious, I think, but I do enjoy watching them grow into each new stage.

My husband and I have wondered how we did it, with three under the age of 4 and without any support systems, other than our church. But, our church was only filled with other young families, so we enjoyed each other's company and did all kinds of things together as a group. Our kids kinda grew up together. But, as we are older, as well as used to not having children around, having two at one time after all the years of getting used to "each other", makes it a challenge for us to put ourselves "in gear" again. I think our daughter wonders how we raised three, as now she knows what parenting takes! And she appreciates us a lot more.

We took them back to their parents tonight and had dinner with our daughter. It was hard not to think about how much we miss the times of parenting, and yet, this time also has some benefits...As we were driving home, we realized how much "grandchildren are a blessing"!

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