Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Some believe that life and the world "works" according to Newton's laws of physics. If you do this, then this is what will happen. It is a mentality that righteousness deserves blessing and unrighteousness deserves judgment......this was what was theologically incorrect in Job. Job had done no wrong, as he was blameless. What was wrong?

What was wrong was man's arrogance, either in judging another (Job), by theologizing about his "sin", or whether it was Job's lack of understanding that "life happens" and we don't understand how or why it "happens'. But, God is above what happens. The book of Job says nothing about how or why things happen, but that God IS and He is the Creator. And we don't understand all about everything...

Some have made a false "world" for sanctifying believers. They presupposed a certain response, with a resulting "judgement" or punishment, if that response is not forthcoming. This is behavior that is modelled on the first stage of morality. It is responding becasue of fear of punishment, which a child does. An adult is to come to a principled life, where the values that are most important determine responses.

But, if there is an outcome-based mentality, where the goal, result or determining purpose is "set-up", without discussing it fully with all parties, then there might be reprecussions on the "goal" or purpose. That is, if all players are needed to fulfill a certain role or function.

Out-come based mentality is a closed system that does not leave room for any differnce of choice or respect for "life"s diverse contingencies. This is what I have against the Christian "worldview" in evangelicalism. It assumes that their view is absolutely correct and determine or plan accordingly. These beliefs are not "set in stone" although they think they are written in God's "word". These beliefs are interpretations and living one's life based on a interpretive text, which has diverse understandings throughout Church history, is short-sighted and small-minded. It perverts justice, while claiming innocence and pointing to God, as the origninator, without taking proper responsibility.

Choice is about personal values, personal commitments, and personal goals. These cannot be placed within a system, unless the system has allowed free exchange and negotiation about all of these aspects of an individual's life. Choice is not about right and wrong, necessarily, but about value.

What are your ultimate values and where do you find meaning in walking these values out in your life?

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