Thursday, January 22, 2009

Social Structures, and Physical Persons

Some believe that the body is the only aspect of being a human. While I would never negate the body and it's resulting chemical make-up as influencing a human, social structures also influence the human being.

The social structures which impact the human most is the family, community and society. These are necessary graces that are to grace our lives. But, sometimes these very structures are unhealthy environments for human flourishing.

While I do not believe that there is one way to parent, as parenting is not a science of a universal child (although child psychology is important), parenting is as much about artistic "seeing and hearing" the other, when it comes to the individual needs. No organizational structuring can epitomize the individual child and her or his need.

One thing that has come to preimenance in my thinking is, that individuality cannot be measured in a test tube, but in the family room. Anthropologists and psychologists know that the individual cannot be reduced to the physical realm without doing disservice to understanding the whole person.

A person who is reduced to a label, or prejuidicial agenda, cannot be seen,or known, much less loved. Love is not blind, but sees clearly the faults and chooses to look beyond the fault to the potential, the value, and the heart of another. I find this is what love and loving is about, helping another, not condemning another. Love is not about conformity, but finding uniqueness and valuing that uniquness.

Any ideology reduces the person to conformity, and deforms the person in the process. Therefore, I believe that a person, himself is made in the image of God, not just the organizational structure, or social structure, whether Church or family. True whole mental, spiritual and physical health only comes by being flexible enough to really hear and see the need of the individual. This is what good counselling, a good physician or a good mentor does. S/he does not seek to implement a program on another, but seeks to hold the hand. I find so many times institutionalized religion, cultural standards, or cherished traditions, inhibit the other individual from becoming, and being in the world as he is. Acceptance is of primary importance, as condemnation, standardization only brings confinement, and stress that inhibits full flourishing and functioning...and the Authentic Self cannot become in that kind of environment.

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