Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christ as Symbol and Substance

The end of the law is Christ. What did Paul mean by this? Christ's life had come to full fruition or maturity to come into "sonship". Sons of God are those who "rule and reign" with God. They create and express beauty.

Beauty is the ability within man to become and express. Christ's life was a symbol of representation of God's gifting within, and his life consisted of the substance of expression within history. Christ's life expressed the work of charitable service.

While Christ's life represented a full son's expression, it was only one life. His example is one that is symbol for those who need modelling, but it is one of sustenance to those who have come to maturity of expression.

Life was meant to develop and come to fruition with expression in particular gifting and call. This is what our university's Life Calling and Leadership is about....

So, it is not about salvation, except in from those who would oppress the gift, and it is not about sanctification, except to consecrate one's gifts to the benefit of others. The result is a life lived in fullness and abundance.

It is not about what or where or to whom, but when it it time, the fullness of time....the maturity of development in vision and hope.

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