Monday, March 9, 2009

You Have No Choice as a traditional Christian

You have no choice as a Christian, because you must subscribe to "His plan", as defined by the prescribed authority. You have no choice because your life is already determined! You just need to find out what is determined for you and "Submit". Submission is a virtue that is of highest value to those "over you", as it shows how much you "trust God". And faith is most of all how one "trusts God". Faith in not about reason. No, faith is about going into the fire or into the den of lions, or into the presence of 'the king" without qualms, because "God is with you". Faith is brainless, because a child can believe and that is what the "kingdom is about". One who has grown in faith is one who is childlike and uses the proper terms so that others know that they have been intitiated into the special group of the "born again".

If one has become "intitiated" into this "special group", then one is immune to certain things that the "common person" is not. Some people of faith believe that they are immune to physcial illness, others believe that faith gives you immunity to poverty, while others believe that faith subverts the social structures themselves so that one is protected from death. And even in death, one is immune because the faithful will inherit eternal life.

I find that faith is for those who do not want to take political action, but submit to their "lot in life". Life is about politics, as that is where one lives their life and make their choices. Choice is about determining what is of most imporatance and value. And Christians believe that "god" and "others" should be the greatest importance.

But, those in Scripture had no choice for the most part, as their "lot in life" was not our democracy. Our democracy allows the individual to choose and determine their values. And any individual can "worship god" in doing whatever they desire with diligence and delight....

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