Monday, March 16, 2009

Privatization of Veteran's Insurance, and Universal Healthcare for Everyone Else

I had wondered why Michele Obama and her husband made such a "fuss" over the military, when their policies seem so contrary to conservative values. Obama proposes to pull the military out of Iraq, which many average citizens believe to be a good idea.

Tonight it was reported that there was a breech of security issues concerning the new head of an intelligence area, Deutsch, while loosing his secret clearance under the Clinton adminstration and getting a pardon. He had maintained military secrets on his personal computor and now he is being appointed to oversee a major area of our security.

Obama recently declared his intention for development of a universal healthcare system, but backed away from the rhetoric concerning this major issue, when he "heard" the outcry of the American people about the economy.

How do I think these are related? Well, to be honest, I think that the military is being undermined by this proposal. Although it was reported that it would be defeated from "all sides", the mere suggestion of our military serving in harm's way and not being benefitted by our government, while government benefits AIG? I suspect that the private sector is licking it chops at the prospect of government contracts in the healthcare industry. The privatization of military insurance, is just a step toward government control of all of our healthcare. It is creating "class envy" through putting before the public the fact that the military is being taken care of by the government. Remember "Clintoncare", when Hillary headed up her committee on healthcare, only to be held accountable by the Sunshine Law...which demands freedom of information. The average Joe, if not given the the real agenda, will be led, on the heels of the anger toward corporation bail-out plans, that they need a "piece of the action". Entitlement is the name of the game when it comes to our populace and their "goals". And "class envy" is a means to get government control with acqueiscence, and the "leaders" will hold the power and the treasury.

While entitlement is an obesession with "rights", "rights" nevertheless, should be given to the individual in choice of vocation, healthcare, and general 'way of life". The dignity of the individual demands that government allows that freedom.

I am hopeful that our country is waking up before it is too late. And I hope that there are people that hold government accountable to the Constitution and other laws that would protect the "common man" from the overstretched hand of government control.

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