Friday, March 13, 2009

Legalizing Marijuana

Obama has stated that he will leave legalizing marajuina to the States. California is to bring up the issue before their State legislature and it is expected to pass.

Ethics, as well as science should be considered in this legislative decision. It is reported that marajuina is available to teens more readily than alcohol and cigarettes. The argument is that legislating a substance requires a more regimentation and structure which helps those who need it and limits abuse of minors.

Marajuina is regarded as a medicinal way to alleviate pain for those with painful illness, such as cancer, AIDS, and even for manic depressive disorder. Many think that this is a compassionate way to help, not only with pain but supposedly with appetite. Appetite loss results from certain drugs, not to mention the damage to organs that further complicates the initial illness.

California is not just looking at legislating marajuina because of compassion but because of the monies that can come into state coffers through taxes. It is known that pharmacetical companies have strong influence in our Congress, so possibley passing the buck to the States is a political means to stay "clean" on the issue, while helping States cover their deficits.

On the other hand, the argument against legalizing marajuina is substance abuse. Those who are buying the drug on the black market not only are furthering the drug trafficing along our borders that increase the dangers of gangs and crime "warlords", but it also exposes these people to possible tainted substances that could have damaging reprecussions. So, do we take the chance on addictions escalation through legalization, or do we further the crimes at our borders with drug smuggling? It is not an easy choice. It will be an interesting development to watch.

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