Friday, March 13, 2009

Truth is Political

I think that truth is political. Although science discerns facts, which facts are used and how they are used to form the policy that determines reality, is what determines "truth" or "reality" for the average person.

Anyone in leadership is responsible for what facts are offered, how they are heard and understood and then implemented into practice. Any policy is a practical philosophy. And philosophy is where the discussion of truth lies.

In the Biblical text, many understand that the context of the book is an important determination, as the context determines what the interpretation is. Context is the political domain, nothing more nor nothing less. Therefore, the bibilcal text is a product not just of the author's political context, but the Church's in its canonization.

I think it is shallow to argue for the "bible", as in "battle for the bible", as it undermines the human contexts and the human authors. The text of scripture is a human construct. It was an attempt to rationalize and theologize about God, Jesus, and the human condition.

It is unfortunate that more people are not aware of how limited their life is, by living passively and restrictively because of an anceint text, such as scripture.

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