Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do Monsters Exist?

Yes! Monsters are those who decide to determine another's "life", whether they are well-meaning parents, intellectural elites, or bad governments. There is no excuse in our government for anyone to experience such evil, as we are ruled by "law" and not the whims of people or "god".

Evil is the work of others in furthering their agenda, disregarding others in the process. We see this is Bernie Madoff or with the "bully" down the street.

While evil is done by individuals, there are times when evil is the combination of events that pre-determine or "set a course" that is not easily changed. This is momentum and it has been useful to appeal to "motivational goals", so that organizations can accomplish certain ends. But, enthusiasm is not based in reason, and sometimes without thoughtful reflection, unwise decisions and choices are made.

Evil is not "God's problem", unless one believes in a personal "god". It is much easier to not believe in a personal "god" who supposedly "cares" than to suffer in the "name of injustice" and think that this kind of "God" treats a person as "invisible". No, it is much more palatable to understand evil as unwise human behavior and understand that chance, chaos, indeterminism, and contingency, etc. than to believe in Providence.

This is where "co-creating" with God, falls short of wisdom, as it appeals to a certain view or goal that presupposes or determines what "that purpose is to be". Anyone who understands the complexity of issues and of life, would hesitate to predetermine "in the name of God".

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