Friday, March 6, 2009

Questions Concerning Priorities

One wonders this morning about what matters most, when the Market has fallen to the lowest point in 12 years, and the unemployment rate may reach 8% by the end of the day, and the President is "concerned" over our healthcare!

The President suggests that our economy is at an all time low because of healthcare costs! With no support for the Secretary of the Treasury, and little talk of Wall Street's concerns, it is obvious to most that this adminstration's philosophy of government is at odds with the "private sector". People have lost money in retirement investmensts, universities, charities, and other investors have lost in their endowments. The future is not focused on business interests, as GM struggles to remain afloat as many have already declared bandruptcy.

I'm sure those in Congress, and others in power are not concerned over this economic crisis, as they do not have to worry about their "daily bread". Hopefully, Obama will choose to see those who he promised to 'protect" under the Constitution and veto this stimulus bill.

I don't write this because of personal interests in investments, as that is not my or my husband's job concerns. But, I do write it as a concern for the discussion and balance of the philosophical positions that play out in our policy.

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circuitrider said...

This reminds me of the Jimmy Carter presidency. He had a few good ideas starting out, but soon became a puppet of the far left, leaving office with history judging him an abject failure.And now we have Clinton re-treads with questionable backgrounds. Even the financial experts are starting to realize this is a bad plan."Moderate" senators like Bayh are starting to see relapses of November 1994 and beginning to distance themselves from Obama.
It would probably take another "house" cleaning to point Obama back towards the center and common sense.I'm afraid he either doesn't have a clue about the economy or is too focused on paying those back who elected him. Whether or not you liked Bush, he made decisions and stuck by them, when it came to sanctity of life issues, he didn't flinch.All this reminds us the need to pray for our leaders, whether or not we like their policies...keith 1 Cor 13