Monday, March 16, 2009

Ideological Commitments in a Free Society

There has been some suggestion that ideology should not drive policy, such as medicine. This is absurd. Although most of us do not realize what our ideological commitments are, we do have them. And sometimes, these commitments are inconsistent, which brings about a befuddlement when anyone addresses our inconsistencies.I am in the process of thinking through and developing my ideological commitments.

This is a necessary process for me to have consistentency, principle, and commitment in my life. Fortunately, I have the priviledge and luxury to be able to do this, as many in our world do not.

Ideology should drive our values, commitments, and our lives and help us to process the decisions before us.I do no think and I think I am strongly opinionated about, an imposition from the outside of an ideology, which is basically, oppression of reason's value.

Ideology must not just be tolerant to the individual's development, but also, must be reasonable to those who may disagree. Ideologies must recognize their relativity in space and time. Ideologies must remain humble, in their assessments and in the process of carrying on a civilized discussion about what ideology should drive policy.I think that the worst sort of ideological commitment is an absolutizing of State or Religion.

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