Thursday, March 12, 2009

Biden's "Take" on Federal Support of State Initiatives

I just listened to Biden's view of our "new economic" policy with the "new stimulus package".

It sounds like federalized support of State ingenuiety to recover their local economies. Biden is hopeful as well as Obama and state and county governments with building a "new economy" through "new" business innovations to support "new" jobs to help those unemployed. So, in effect, our tax dollars are being "sifted" through federal hands to states so that the individuals benefit. So, that is like all of us using our own money to support a beaureaucy to underwrite our own "needs". Personal responsibility need not be applicable except to fund the tax coffers. The government's leadership will be the ones to determine what priorities there should be for your life, as they will determine what new projects will be supported and sponsored. And the locals will be rewarded by the jobs that these new endeavors create.

Locally, in Indiana, there has been concern about the "brain drain". There are many universities that educate, only to see those educated here in Indiana leave for jobs in other states. Indiana is concerned that the state is loosing money this way, as high tech jobs are nowhere to be found. There has been a push for high tech companies to move to Indiana and much tax advantages have been underwritten for new companies. A noble cause, but an expensive one.

I hope that the benefits outweigh the costs, as most often taxation to bring about government jobs only allow an expansion of government, which is cumbersome, not only in implementation, but costs. There will be many jobs created in D.C. to "oversee" these expenditures. And government jobs pay well, unless if one is a guinea pig for the 'state".

I hope it all works out, but Americans have not experienced government programs to be trustworthy, nor have governmental officials been trustworthy (and sometimes business people arent's trustworthy either). Barney Frank just said yesterday on the radio that the American people were not interested in the tax evasions of their leaders, so much as their personal economic situation and it was wrong of the media to focus on such irrelavant issues in such hard times...

We are supposed to be so burdened by the economic situation (that "bad corporations" have created:)) that we should support an outregeous tax increase and spending package that the leaders refuse to support through paying their own tax bills! Talk about leaders spending our money. Yes, it is our money alone, none of theirs!!

The way of the Democrat it to accentuate the differences of lifestyle to the "poor" or "working middle class". While accentuating "class envy", they run away with the treasury. On the other hand, Republicans run away with the bank. Which is worse?

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