Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Political Frame Forms "Our Evil"

I am more and more of the opinion that our two party system, though good, as it "simplifies" some issues, is also at a danger of being counter-productive for other purposes.

Today America's "two party" system has been diminished by the majority held, not only in Congress, but also in our executive branch. This situations limits our two party (or two perspective) system to a one party or one perspective system. The danger is the lack of balance to power in policy formation. Ideological differences can be a good thing as it brings humility to each perspective, and it brings about negotiation, compromise, which represents a more "wholistic view" to our system of government.

The capitalistic free market system is the commitment of the Republican party. Their interests lie in business, production, and tradition. While the Republicans, for the most part believe in family values, and the Protestant work ethic, the Democrats believe in moral responsibility, the social gospel and the "common good". This view simplifies what can be personal differences of value in fiscal responsibility, social responsibility, familial responsibility, and moral responsibility. We will all understand the responsibilities we have in this life differently, as we defend and define our lives on the freedom to understand and live those differences, without judgement form 'outside interference". These differences are the very freedoms we value as Americans and we must defend them at all costs, otherwise, we are headed toward a regime or government that will circumvent individuality, difference, innovation, creativity, and limit our ability to enjoy and choose our vocations.

Evil, then is identified by the 'other position holding sway over our understanding of value. Americans, fortunately, have a re-dress from a determination of individual values, which are our civil liberties.

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