Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Documentary "Obsession"

This evening my son, his fiance', my husband and I watched a documentary that my sister in law had sent us about Islam. It was filled with testimonies from actual ex-terrorists, and Muslims, themselves.

In the film, there was a dire warning of radical Islam, while supporting moderate Muslims. The similarities drawn between radical Muslims, and Nazi Germany, was eerie. The similarities were not just thier commitment to takeover the West, but also down to the details of its symbolism.

Edmund Burke said that all that needed to happen to allow evil to prevail is for good men to not act. I am afraid that our "political correctness" caused us to be inactive toward this radicalism. And it has furthered the agenda of evil dreams to transform the West into a terrotory for Allah.

Perhaps, because the roots of Islam, Judiasm and Christianity lie in the same history, the West has acquiesed to a tolerant attitude at large toward Islam. A radical tolerance is a "welcome mat" for domination, as this is the very "hope" of these radicals, taking the world for Islam! Is the West too naive, or been so far removed from religious ideology that we sleep, while the "devil" is at the door, waiting to come in?

In one segment, an ex-Nazi youth was interviewed about his submission to Hitler's ideological "mantra" of superiority. The British Prime minister at that time had signed a "peace agreement" with Hitler that he waved before the new media as a "sign" of "goodwill" and forthcoming peaceful world. Ideologies do not bow to compromise, as their absolute understanding of reality is not to be denied. It is sad to say that many have painted the West as the culprit of this evil, by demonizing the West as imperialistic, while the Islamic media use terrorizing and violent propaganda to demonize the West. The stark reality is that the West is "apologetic" toward any attempt at defending its right to exist and "be different". And we are seeing the underming of our laws in the West, because of our tolerance and deference to an ideological "evil".

It is very clear to me that what is called conservative Christian faith and discipleship is very similar to radical Islam. The similarities run from the "vision" of world domination to "martyrdom for the faith" as being considered "sold out to "God" (Allah)...This type of faith is not rational and cannot be appealed to based on reason. These "faithful" have left reason behind, as faith alone matters.

I fear for our country, and the West, its ideals of freedom, which Islam hates. Uniformity and unity is the mantra of the radical. I fear for the ideals of life, as "death" to self, either literally or figuratively is the "ideal" of commitment and discipleship in radical faith traiditons.

Hopefully, we have enough leadership in Washington to help shore up our defense against such radical ideologies, cultures, and faith commitments.

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