Thursday, March 26, 2009

Healthcare Mandate

It seems that the Republicans are going to be 'in the dark" as to the healthcare package. This was exactly what Hillary Clinton tried to do as first lady.

What is at stake? Private industry, individual choice, and ultimately, government control of a major part of our economy.

It seems that this adminstration is bent on destroying capitalism, incrementally. Incrementalism is bite sized change, so that the average American will not be aware of implications...

If this plan is put into place, we will have a choice at first, but government will make it look very tempting to "convert" to their healthcare plan, as theirs will be less expensive, and since most of us will be earning less due to job loss, as well as investment depreciation, we might consider this as a budgetary issue, allowing the eventual "take-over' of a major portion of our economy.

Remember Obama's three main focuses, healthcare, energy, and the banking industry. These are major aspects of our economy. If we are completely dependent on the government for energy, healthcare, and the financial market, we are another united socialist republic.

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